Gees of Derbyshire

is an incomplete history which was started almost 75 years ago by my great aunt, of whom her mother Eliza GEE, was a direct decendant.   I have attempted to continue to trace the old GEE family as far back as possible. 

My great-aunt was a prolific writer and I have luckily been given some of her works.

I am adding records almost daily, so this site will change over time.  Your comments are welcome.

I have added some stories that I have accumulated over the years.  I would love to hear from other researchers of the GEE family and your stories. 

In tracing this GEE family, I have also documented many other families, such as CARRINGTON, MARRIOTT, HYDE, DAVENPORT, JODRELL, WOOD, SHALLCROSS, HALL, BOWDEN, HADFIELD, to name a few who married intermittently over several hundred years with the GEES of Derbyshire.

As my research continues, I will add more chapters to this book with more informaion on the many above  extended families (connecting the dots so to speak).

Please feel free to contact me.  Angela.


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