Gees of Derbyshire

is an incomplete history which was started almost 75 years ago by my great aunt, of whom her mother Eliza GEE, was a direct decendant.   I have attempted to continue to trace the old GEE family as far back as possible. 

My great-aunt was a prolific writer and I have luckily been given some of her works.

I am adding records almost daily, so this site will change over time.  Your comments are welcome.

I have added some stories that I have accumulated over the years.  I would love to hear from other researchers of the GEE family and your stories. 

In tracing this GEE family, I have also documented many other families, such as CARRINGTON, MARRIOTT, HYDE, DAVENPORT, JODRELL, WOOD, SHALLCROSS, HALL, BOWDEN, HADFIELD, to name a few who married intermittently over several hundred years with the GEES of Derbyshire.

As my research continues, I will add more chapters to this book with more informaion on the many above  extended families (connecting the dots so to speak).

Please feel free to contact me.  Angela.


12 responses to “Gees of Derbyshire

  • boomerbob

    You’ve done an awsome job with this Angela. I’m super impressed.

  • boomerbob

    Make that “awesome” 🙂

  • Graham Brooks

    My grandmother was a Gee from Pinxton in Derbyshire i have traced some of her ancestors please contact me. Many thanks

  • Mick carr

    My mother was a Gee from Silk Hill Farm Buxworth Derbyshire

  • Rowena Gee

    We are Gees from Laois in Ireland..there are quite alot of us here..all so interesting!!

  • David Owen

    Dorothy Gee born about 1910 married my Great Uncle Peter Cottrell he was 1915-2000. I am writing a book about my Grandmother who died in June 2015 aged 96 and wondered if you had a photograph of Dorothy who I remember as a toddler?

    • Mick Carr

      The Dorathy Gee you refer to I am fairly confident was my Great Aunty from silk hill farm Whaley bridge Darbyshire I also remember Peter he was a little younger than Dorathy and died around 1972 I may well have a picture. If you think we are talking about the Sam Dorothy and Peter email me m.r.carr@

  • Curmudgeonly

    Angela: Curious if You have information on the origins of Leonard and John Shallcross, two Quaker Brothers that emigrated to Pennsylvania circa 1700. They became relatively Prosperous in Bucks County and Philadelphia. However, though they were rumored to be from Shallcross, Derbyshire, Lineage is somewhat Mysterious. Both Leonard’s Wives were Members of Prominent Quaker Families in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Thanks for any Light You can Shed on this Question.

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