Front Cover

                     An Incomplete


First Researched by Hester Victoria Andrew (Hetty)
Circa 1935 – 1949

Secondly Researched by Angela Dianne Andrew
2004 – 2010

Post Card Circa 1935

Hand written on the back of this post card reads: This is Mrs. Arthur Andrews’ home. This house has been in the GEE family since 1519 [not exactly true]. This was Mother’s home farm where she was raised.

“Mother” was Elizabeth Frances GEE, known as Eliza in real life. She was born in 1865 in Godley, Cheshire, England and died in 1932 in Plumas, Manitoba, Canada.

Ralph GEE, my great grandfather 7 x times removed, the great grandfather of my Great Aunt Hetty, 5 x removed, was the proginator of the ASHES Farm. This farm stayed in the hand of the GEES from 1641 until 1921 – a total of 280 years.


This picture was taken in September 1983 in a small town in central Manitoba, Canada called Kelwood. 

   Left to right:  Connie Andrew, Hester (Hetty) Andrew, Jessie Andrew, and Angela Andrew.

By this time, Connie and Jessie, the twins, lived 2000 miles apart, and yet they both came to this funeral dressed alike, even the color of their dresses.

This is the last time I saw Aunt Hetty.  I remembering having a conversation with her that day about what she was doing.  She had been climbing some fruit trees in their yard, pruning them, when she fell out of the tree and broke her wrist.

I remeber saying to her”  “Don’t you think you should not be climbing trees at your age, Aunt Hetty?”

“Of course not!  Someone has to do it.”   was her brisk reply.


4 responses to “Front Cover

  • geesnmore

    This is wonderful. I am so pleased you chose to publish your material. I am enjoying the prospect of reading every word. I hope this and my site at geesnmore will provide a source of information for researchers into the wonderful Gee family of England.
    Once again, congratulations on your work. Stay in touch.

  • Harry R. McCutcheon

    Congratulations on such an amazing work. Tenacious isn’t the word for it. I can see building the tree (structure)
    with the accurate people and times and then fleshing it out with family lore any pictures found and surprise findings in searching. Thank you for showing us what can be done. harry

  • Fran Bottoms

    This is very interesting, you mention barber booth and upper booth, they are in the Edale valley as it descends from Kinder scout, so in a different section to hayfield.
    fran bottoms

  • Sue Gibson. Nee Carr. Daughter of Dorothy Gee silk hill farm

    Oh my goodness me , I can not believe that we have come across this!!! My brother and myself are the grandchildren of John Francis gee , who lived at silk hill farm. Niece and nephew of Ralph John gee , the last gee to own silk hill. The farm is full of memories for us.
    We remember the stories of cousins who emigrated to Canada.
    I have an ancient will and some documents of the Gee family.

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