Francis GEE and Margaret BOOTH (2,3,4,5)



2. — FRANCIS GEE (2) (Ralph Gee-1) (1652-1723) born approximately 1652 and died on circa October 1723. He married possibly a Margaret BOOTH (?-1710) on 29th April 1697. Margaret GEE died on the 18th November 1710 and was interred at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. Francis was the second owner of the ASHES. They had seven surviving children:

Will of Francis GEE of Kinder: 11 September 1723

In the name of God Amen This Eleventh day of September 1723 I ffrancis GEE of Kinder in the Parish of Glossop in the County of Derby Yeoman. Being but weakly as to my body but of Sound mind and perfect Memory Praise be thereafter given to Almighty God, and knowing the Certainty of Death but the uncertainty of this present life and being willing to leave my house in order and to settle my worldly estate so as peace and unity may remain amongst my Children and relations after my decrease, Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following ffirst I Commit my soul onto the hands of Almighty God hoping through the Death and Merits of Jesus Christ my Savior and Redeemer to obtain remission of the sin and eternal life. And my Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named. And as to my worldly Estate I dispose thereof as ffolloweth: Inprimis I will that all my due debts ffuneral and Charges of the probate of this my last Will be first discharged and paid forth of my personal Estate. Item I give devise & bequeath unto my Eldest Son Ralph GEE, all my Messuage (PREMISES) housing, Lands, and Tenements Lying in Kinder aforesaid or elsewhere as well as my New Lands as my Ancient Estate, with all their appurtenances To hold to my said son Ralph GEE his heirs and assigns forever Upon this Condition and Consideration never-the less that my said son Ralph GEE his heirs and assigns or some of them do and shall forth of the same, pay or cause to be paid unto his Sisters and Brothers these several Sums of money, and in such a manner following viz. unto Sarah his Sister the Sum of Sixty pounds of lawful money at the end of two years [ ] after my decease. And unto Ann his Sister the sum of Sixty pounds within the space of ffour Years next as for my decease. And unto John his Brother the like Sum of Sixty pounds of lawful money when he shall have attained to the age of One and twenty Years, And unto his brother Daniel the sum of Sixty pounds of like lawful money when he shall likewise have attained to the same age of One and twenty Years. And it is my will and mind also that my said Younger Children (viz.) Sarah, Ann, John, and Daniel Shall all of them have liberty to the New Building both parlor and Chamber over the same, to Come to, or dwell in whilst they shall Keep themselves single and Unmarried. Item I give unto my said son Ralph GEE, the Bed stead in the Parlor above, one table also and two fforms. And Dishboard and one great Chest in the dwelling house, and the ffire Iron there, one meal arke in the Chamber over the house and one garner at the Over Barn which I order to stand as Reire Coombs, item I likewise give and bequeath to my said Son Ralph GEE the one half of my quick Goods and cattle, and all my Husbandry Wares, Item I give and bequeath unto my two Daughters Sarah and Ann One box which was their Grandmothers Standing upon the Cup Board in the house with the Linens that are therein, Item my will and mind is that the rest of the Household Goods not as yet disposed of be equally divided amongst my ffive Children Share and Share alike. Item I give and bequeath unto my ffour younger Children the other half of my quick Goods and Cattle. And as touching all my Moneys whether ready money, money at Interest howsoever I give and Bequeath the same to All my said Children Sons or Daughters to be equally divided amongst them. And lastly I do make Ordain Constitute and appoint my well beloved Son John GEE, and my loving kinsman ffrancis GEE of Chinley my full and Joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament hoping they will faithfully perform the trust I have herein [reposed] in them And I desire that Brotherly love and Unity may remain amongst my beloved Children revoking all other and former Wills by me heretofore made, publishing this and none other to be my Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I the said ffrancis GEE have hereunto put my hand and seal the day and Year ffirst above written. ffrancis GEE

Sealed, Signed Published and Declared by the Testator to be his last Will and Testament. In the presence of us, who likewise Subscribed our Names in the Sight and presence of the Testator.


PROBATE GRANTED on the 28th January 1724 for GEE, Francis, of Kinder, Yeoman, 11 September 1723. Eldest son Ralph GEE, sisters Sarah & Ann GEE, brothers John and Daniel GEE, son John GEE of Chinley.


APPRAISERS of Inventory: John MOULT & Edmund BRADBURY, 28th January 1723/1724: Total £273-7-0.

Children of Francis Gee and Margaret Booth were:

–a. —- RALPH GEE baptized on the 06th April 1698 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield, died on 09th November 1780. Ralph GEE married Sarah FOX circa 1736. They had 8 known children. (See# 6 following).

–b. —- SARAH GEE born approx. December 1698 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield, died unknown.

–c. —- THOMAS GEE born March 1701 at St. Mathews Church in Hayfield, died on the 05th June 1721 and was buried at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. Twenty years old. (Both Thomas and Francis died of small pox).

• James CLEGG’S diary of 15th September 1721 records the reason for John’s [Booth) early death – an outbreak of small pox: “They broke out in Kinder where two young men, sons of Francis GEE were carried off by them. Shortly after John BOOTH and his wife and one child died of that disease. A little after the family of John FROGGAT of Park Hall was visited and his eldest son John (a youth of great hopes) died and about 30 others in and about Heafield [Hayfield], most of the families that were afflicted with them were broken.”
Extract: The diary of James CLEGG Part 1, page 15, formerly published by the Derbyshire Record Society.

–d. —- ANN GEE was born on the 11th January 1702 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. Ann possibly married Edward White of Hope Parish on the 18th May 1727 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield.

–e. —- FRANCIS GEE was born 08th April 1704 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield, died on 21st May 1721 and was buried at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. Seventeen years old. (Died of small pox – see above).

–f. —- JOHN GEE baptized approx. December 1705 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield, died 1771. He married Ann Unknown circa 1733. (See # 7 following).

3. — John GEE (2) (Ralph Gee-1) was born circa 1660 in Kinder, Hayfield and he died on the 17th August 1716 in Kinder. His wife is unknown but we know at least one child through the will of his brother Daniel.

–a. —- John Gee born circa 1680 in Kinder, Hayfield.

4. — Ann GEE (2) (Ralph Gee-1) born circa 1678 died on the 20th June 1737 interred at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. She married John Froggatt of Low Leighton approx. 1697.

~The children of Ann GEE and John FROGGATT were~

–a. —- Ellwen (Ellen) born Hellen FROGGATT (3) baptized on the 17th July 1698 at St. Mathew’s Church; died the same year as her husband – 1721: Ellen married John Booth. John booth died October 1721. Both of them died during the smallpox epidemic that swept the area that year. (See # 8 Following).

ffrancis GEE was “Executor to the last will of John Booth in October 1721, his nephew-in-law, who was married to Ellen FROGGATT”.   See the will of John Booth in # 8 following.

–b. —- Nathaniel FROGGATT (3) whose real name was probably John was baptized in September 1701 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. His birth date noted prior was his baptism date.    Nathaniel died on the 16th August 1759 in Kinder, Hayfield.  (St Matthews Church Register.)

–c. —- William FROGGATT (3) was baptized on the 22nd May 1705 at St. Mathew’s Church, Hayfield. This date was his baptism date.

5. — Sarah GEE (2) (Ralph Gee-1) born circa 1680. (Records of St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield). She married twice. Her first husband was Unknown Wood. Her second husband was Unknown Taylor.

Children of Sarah GEE and Taylor were:

–a. —- Henry Taylor.
–b. —- Francis Taylor.

Children of Sarah GEE and Wood were:

–a. —- Joseph Wood.


2 responses to “Francis GEE and Margaret BOOTH (2,3,4,5)

  • Froggatt

    Re Nathaniel Froggatt (where you say he was probably John 1701)
    I think this may be Helen’s brother John Froggatt son of John of Low Leighton.

  • Sandra

    Hi, I am going through my Froggatt records. Could I just query Ann Gee baptised Hayfield 1702. I am querying if this is the Ann Gee (of Francis Gee and Margaret Booth) who married Thomas Froggatt 1729 Peak Forest marriages. (not John Froggatt).

    Their children were William baptised 1730, Ellen baptised 1731/2 and Nathaniel baptised 1734.

    Thomas Froggatt married again 1742, so I assume Ann Froggatt who died 1737 Hayfield burials, was his previous wife Ann. Many thanks for your help.
    ps: There were children from a previous marriage before Ann. She must have been his second wife.

    (If you want to contact me by email, I have details of an earlier will of John Froggatt, who mentions appurtances lying with Crowdon lee Booth, Greenlands and Bowdon farms. I have seen these names on your web pages connected with Gees/Carringtons)

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