Ralph GEE and Sarah FOX (6,7,8)


                ~~Ralph GEE and Sarah FOX~~

-6. — Ralph Gee (3) (Francis GEE-2, Ralph GEE-1) was born on the 08th April 1698 in Kinder, Hayfield, Derbyshire. He was baptized at St Matthews Church in Hayfield. He died on 09th November 1780 in Kinder. He married Sarah FOX about 1736 in Hayfield. Ralph was the third owner of the ASHES farm.

1780: Probate for GEE, Ralph, of Kinder, 9th November 1780. Wife Sarah GEE, of the parish of Glossop, county Derby Widow: Thomas GEE of the Parish of Glossop, county Derby Yeoman & John GEE of the Parish of Taxal, County Chester Clerk. (This is probably the Reverend John GEE).

   ~~Children of Ralph GEE and Sarah FOX were.~~

–a. —-Esther GEE Born on the 14th April 1736 in Hayfield and died on the 16th April 1736. St Matthew Church Hayfield Registers.

–b. —-Sarah GEE Born 26th May 1739 in Kinder, Hayfield.

–c. —-Deborah GEE Born in June 1740 in Hayfield and died on the 06th 1740. St Matthew Church Hayfield Registers.

–d. —-Mary GEE Born on the 08th August 1741 in Kinder, Hayfield.

–e. —-Francis GEE Born on the 02nd of September 1744 in Kinder and he died before 1780.

–f. —- Margaret GEE Born on the 20th January 1747 in Kinder and she died on the 1st September 1785. (See # 9 following).

–g. —-Thomas GEE was born on the 14th May 1750 in Kinder and he died on the 03rd April 1846. He married circa 1779. (See # 10 following).

–h. —-Samuel GEE was born on the 08th January 1753 at Kinder, Hayfield.

1737: On Ralph’s will he was listed as being a “yeoman”.

1748:    Hayfield was subject to much flooding as Reverend John Wesley states:  “On Saturday the 23rd July 1748, there fell for about three hours in and about Hayfield in Derbyshire a very heavy rain which caused a flood as had not been seen by any now living in these parts.  The rocks were loosened from the mountains; one field was covered with huge stones from side to side.  Several water mills were cleaned away, without any remains.  The trees were torn up by the roots and whirled away like stubble.  Two women of loose character were swept away from their own door and drowned.  One of them was found near the place, the other was carried seven or eight miles.  Hayfield Church was torn up, and the dead bodies swept out of their graves; when the flood abated they were found in many places.  Some were hanging on trees, others left in meadows or grounds, some partly eaten by dogs, or wanting one or more of their numbers.”


-7. — John GEE (3) (Francis GEE-2, Ralph GEE-1) was born in December 1705 in Kinder, Hayfield. He died on the 02nd of March 1772 in Kinder. He married Ann Unknown circa 1733. She was born in Hayfield.

    ~~Children of John GEE and Ann were:~~

–a. —-John GEE who was born on the 27th March 1733. All of this information was taken from the parish registers of St Matthews Church Hayfield.

–b. —-Margaret GEE was born on the 08th of February 1735 in Kinder, Hayfield. She married John SHAW on the 27th July 1769 at the All Saints Church in Glossop. Witnesses were Anthony BARBER and John DEWSNAP.

–c. —-Mary GEE born on the 05th November 1737 in Kinder, Hayfield. This is probably the Mary Gee who married William CARRINGTON to Barber Booth.

–d. —-Ann GEE was born on the 15th June 1740 in Kinder.

–e. —-Thomas GEE was born on the 25th September 1742 in Kinder.

(SEE: Probate: GEE, John, the Elder of Netherend, Tanner 09th October 1771. Son John Gee…….my Timber now standing at Bugsworth; wife, Ann Gee, daughter Margaret Gee, son John Gee

Witnesses: – Fanny Marriott, John Standley, Geo Higgenbottam. Probate granted to John Gee at Chesterfield 07th May 1772.)


-8. — Ellen FROGGATT (3) (Ann GEE-2, Ralph GEE-1) was born on the 17th July 1698 in Kinder, Hayfield and she died in the small pox epidemic that raged through the area on the 21st August 1721, along with her husband and daughter Elizabeth. She married John BOOTH on the 05th March 1717 in Glossop. John BOOTH was the son of Thomas BOOTH and Ann MARRIOTT. He died on the 12th of August 1721. John’s sister, Mary BOOTH also died during this epidemic. Mary died on the 4th of October 1721.

    ~~Children of Ellen FROGGATT and John BOOTH were:~~

–a. —-Thomas BOOTH born in November 1718 and died on the 23rd May 1801 in Kinder, Hayfield. (See # 11 following.)

–b. —- Elizabeth BOOTH born 13th November 1720 and died of small pox on the 02nd September 1721.

WILL OF JOHN BOOTH of Kinder – Proved October 1721

IN THE NAME of God Amen I John BOOTH of Kinder in the parish of Glossop and County of Derby being weak of body but of a sound mind and memory praise be therefore given to Almighty God do make and ordain this my present Last Will and Testament AND FORM following that is to say ffirst and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping through the merits death and passion of my saviour Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life AND MY BODY I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named AND AS TOUCHING such temporall estates as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me I give and dispose of thereof as followeth IMPRIMIS I will that all my debts funeral expenses and harriotts to be paid and discharged out of my personal estate ITEM I GIVE and bequeath all my lands in Kinder unto my wife until my son Thomas shall attain the age of one and twenty years in trust nevertheless that she shall keep and maintain my Two children sufficiently according to their quality until they shall attain the age of one and twenty years, is she my said wife happen so long to live and keep herself unmarried BUT IF SHE happen to marry from that time that she shall marry another husband to have no part of my [estate] real or personal save twenty pounds and her Dower AND AFTER MY son Thomas comes to the age of one and twenty years my then unmarried not having during the said term contracted matrimony with another husband I GIVE AND bequeath one moiety [one of two parts of property] of all my lands in Kinder to my said wife during her life or second marriage which shall first happen BUT AFTER HER second marriage she is to have only her said legacy of twenty pounds and her dower ITEM I GIVE and bequeath to my son Thomas the other moiety of said lands in Kinder when he shall attain the age of one and twenty years if my said wife be then alive and unmarried to a second husband BUT FROM THE time of his mothers’ second marriage then two thirds of my said lands and from my wife’s death all of my said lands unto my son Thomas and his heirs forever CHARGEABLE NEVER the less with the sum of sixty pounds to his sister Elizabeth when she shall attain the age of one and twenty years but if my said wife happen to die near this time or before my sad son dome to Age then my said son to pay out of my lands unto my daughter Elizabeth all my personal estate after my debts and funeral expenses are discharged except to my wife as before mentioned TOGETHER WITH THE said sum of sixty pounds or a hundred pounds charged on my said lands according to the limitations before mentioned AND IF MY son happen to die before he attain the age of one and twenty years not having lawful issue then I GIVE AND bequeath all my said lands unto my daughter Elizabeth and her heirs forever AND IF BOTH my said children happen to die before they attain the age of one and twenty years I give and bequeath out of my said lands and to be charged upon the same the sum of twenty pounds apiece to every child my ffather in law John FROGGATT shall have then living AND UNTO EVERY child my uncle ffrancis GEE shall have then living the sum of ten pounds apiece to be charged on my said lands aforesaid AND THE REMAINDER of my said lands unto my two sisters and their heirs forever ITEM I MAKE constitute and ordain my wife Ellen BOOTH my father in law John FROGGATT and my uncle ffrancis GEE Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hoping they will perform the trust in them REVOKING ALL OTHER wills heretofore by me made

WITNESS my hand ye 12th day of August Anno Dom 1721. John Booth

SIGNED SEALED PUBLISHED as the Last Will and Testament of the Testator in the presence of

Ralph Kinder Barnabas Bailey John Waterhouse

MEMORANDUM that the word have in the ninth line in the second page And John FROGGATT in the same line was Interlined before the sealing hereof.


Another famous spot called Kinder Downfall.   Note the water going backwards.  Picture from Wikipedia.



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  • Dianne Gibson

    Hi, I may be able to fill in some details for you..

    Ralph Gee married Sarah Fox
    Thomas Gee married Betty Bennett
    John Gee married Mary Carrington
    Thomas Gee married Mary ?
    Elizabeth Gee married Samuel Machin
    Mary Machin married William Spode
    Minnie Spode married Albert Lockett
    Edit Lockett married George Randle Gibson
    Sydney Gibson married Phylis Manley
    Brian Malcom Gibson married Dianne Bewick (me).

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