This another example of the Gritstone Tors that dot the landscape of Kinder Scout.

                                 ~FIRST GENERATION LIVING AT THE ASHES:~

                                 ~Ralph GEE and Anne HURDSFIELD~

The eldest Gee son, from one generation to the next, carried on at the Ashes Farm until 1912 when the Stockport Corporation bought all of the land up that valley. Ralph was the progenitor of the ASHES farm. Ralph was born approximately 1616 on Lydgate Farm, whose mother was a Miss Shallcross. Ralph died on the 30th December 1699 in Kinder. He married Ann Hurdsfield on the 28th February 1647 at the St Thomas Beckett Church in Chapel-en-le-Frith. She died on the 04th of April 1697 in Hayfield. Both of them are believed to be buried in the church yard of St Matthews Church in Hayfield. It needs to be noted here that this is not very accurate and is subject to change when new, better information arrives. The reader can use this information but needs to first do their own research. There were civil wars in England during this period and governmental record keeping was not good. There was also a plague in Eyam 1666. Quite often, residents only baptised the children who died in order to bury them on consecrated ground.

1. — Ralph GEE (1) and Anne HURDSFIELD had ten children:

–a. —- FRANCIS GEE (2) born approximately 1652 and died on the 11th September 1723. He married possibly a Margaret Booth on the 29th April 1697. Margaret GEE died on the 18th November 1710 and is buried at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. They had seven surviving children. (See #2 following).

–b. —- JOHN GEE (2) baptized approximately 1660 and on died the 7th August 1716. Following is the entry in the parish church records. There was a period of five years where all of the entries listed are shown as 1714-1719: Jonathan GEE of Kinder died (1714-1719) and was buried at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. We have his probate records following: 1716: GEE, John, of Kinder, Husbandman. Brother Francis GEE of Hayfield, County Derby Yeoman; William BOOTH of Glossop Yeoman& Samuel MARRIOTT of Glossop, Yeoman, 7th August 1716. Inventory total £258-11-10. (See # 3 following).

–c. —- Elizabeth GEE (2) born on the 16th May 1662 to Ralph GEE of Kinder. Ralph GEE buried Elizabeth on the 09th December 1664 interred at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. Died at 2 ½ years old.

–d. —- DANIEL GEE (2) born circa 1664 and died on 04th April 1752 interred at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. No children. Attached is his probate: 1752: GEE, Daniel, of Kinder, 27th March 1752. Three children left by sister Ann FROGGATT, William, Ellwen, p; Nathaniel Froggatt: three children left by sister Sarah WOOD, Henry TAILOR, Francis TAILOR & Joseph WOOD; nephew John GEE eldest son of brother John GEE, brother Ralph GEE, brothers John GEE;Ralph GEE. WITNESSES: Walter? BRADBURY, J BRADBURY, John BADDELEY. APPRAISER: George HIGENBOTTAM, 13th April 1752. Total: £158-16-6. Probate granted to Ralph GEE at Chesterfield October 1752, power reserved for John GEE.

–e. —- Ralph GEE of Kinder buried a son Thomas (2) on 23rd July 1666 St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield.

–f. —- Ralph GEE of Kinder buried a son Ralph (2) (possibly a twin of Robert) on 13th December 1675 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield.

–g. —- Ralph GEE of Kinder buried a son Robert (2) (possibly a twin of Ralph) on 03rd January 1676 at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield.

–h. —- Ralph GEE (2) born circa 1676

–i. —- Ann GEE (2) born circa 1678 died on the 20th June 1737 interred at St. Mathew’s Church in Hayfield. She married John Froggatt of Low Leighton approx. 1697. They had four children. (See # 4 Following).

–j. —- Sarah GEE (2) was born circa 1680. Sarah was married twice. This information was taken off the will of her brother Daniel GEE. (See # 5 following).


5 responses to “Ralph GEE and Anne HURDSFIELD

  • Ruth Beck

    My grandmother was Ann Gee. Her family was from the area of Gee Cross, Werneth, Bredbury, and Romiley in Cheshire/Lancashire as the borders changed., My great great grandfather was Henry Gee,who married Esther Linney. Henry’s father was Thomas Gee,b 1806 who married Ann Booth, b1800. I have traced the Booths and the Gee’s as neighbors back to Apethorn in the 1700’s, which is where the Romiley Golf Club is now. Edwin’s bother, Samuel Gee, lived in Ardwick and owned a Provisions and Bakery stores.. My great grandfather was Edwin Gee, born in 1865 on Pole Acre Lane. Edwin married Martha Bardsley/Kenyon.Does any of this ring a bell? to anyone?

  • Ruth Beck

    I hope you can help me. I have gone back, documented, to Peter Gee b. 1769, of Romiley who married Sarah Swindells of Norbury in 1789, at St Mary’s, Stockport.. Going forward from Peter Gee, I have his son, Thomas Gee b,1806 who married Ann Booth b 18oo.. I have seen Ann spelled as Amy. Where the family lived is now Compstall. I have some documentation that Peter Gee’s father may have
    Joseph and Joseph’s father was likely Jonathan or Jno. I have two Gee’s from Marple ( Hattersley), Amos and Isaac. Other siblings lived in surrounding villages. I have heard of Ralph Gee and I have only done my direct line because there were so many Gees, with the same surnames, at the same time in the same area. I do know that Amos Gee was married to an Harriet, All cousins. I have heard of a Daniel Gee from Dukinfield and in Stalybridge, my grandfather was Samuel Woodhead who lived a block away from Daniel. There is also naming pattern, Thomas, George, Henry, Joshua, Joel, Edward , Edwin, Peter, Isaac.Samuel, Amos, Family rumor is that we are descended from Henrye of Manchester. There were very early Gee’s that I know of in the area of Gee Cross,. Reginalde, Dicon, Thomas, Robert and Edward. And family stories links my great Grandfather Henry Gee to Henrye and the property Henry owned on Greave Fold/End were the last family owned properties. This is in Werneth. The cottages were given to Samuel Gee who was then in Ardwick.
    I am sorry to have babbled so much. I have been very frustrated trying to sort the family out.
    Ann Gee , my nana was my guardian angel. Ann was born in New Houses, Werneth, in 1890. I do have wills, Bishops Transcripts and Parish Records, even Henrye of Manchesters,
    Thank you for any help.
    My grandmothers wedding gifts went down on the Titanic. Nana came to the US a couple of weeks prior to the sinking of the Titanic. The families gifts were on the Titanic in a steamer trunk. She was on a ship from Liverpool, a passenger ship, to Boston and landed quite safely.
    thank you,
    Ruth Beck, Boston, Ma USA

    • Angela Andrew

      Hi Ruth;

      My email is angelaludwig7@gmail.com.

      I live in Calgary, Alberta.

      Perhaps you could contact me on that email. It will make corresponding so much easier.

      I know your frustration. Perhaps if we work together, we can sort the Gees out.

      I will print your original message and see what I can find out.

      Angela Andrew

  • Tony Gee

    I am also researching a Gee family from Derbyshire, my gggrandfather was born in 1804 and married Sarah Hyde. My ggrandfather John was born in 1825 in a cottage on Chatterly Lane in Mellor, my grandfatther James was born 1878 at Horsepool also in Mellor. Mellor is quite close to Werneth and Romiley and I have often tried to match up with Ruth’s family but as of yet I haven’t found a connection.
    I myself was born in Stockport and lived Marple until 1959.
    I live in Cochrane, Alberta now.
    I am at a dead end right now, so here’s hoping we can find a link.

    Tony Gee

  • growltiger

    I have an Amos Gee of Mellor. It was 100 years ago, Annie Gee’s wedding gifts went down on the Titanic.

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