Miscellaneous Register Entries



     1. – 30 March 1827 Baptised Isaac Gee HADFIELD – son of John and Mary (ROWBOTHAM married 8 November 1825 Gl) of Hollincross Lane – farmer – born 6 February 1827.

2. – 3 September 1832 Baptised William Gee HADFIELD – son of John and Ann (GEE married 26 May 1832 Gl) of Hollincross Lane – farmer – born 8 January 1832.

3. – 8 December 1835 Baptised Martha HADFIELD – daughter of John and Ann (GEE married 26 May 1832 Gl) of Hollincross Lane – farmer – born 22 June 1834.

4. – 8 December 1835 Baptised Mary HADFIELD – daughter of John and Ann (GEE married 26 May 1832 Gl) of Hollincross Lane – farmer – born 23 November 1835.

5. – 25 June 1837 Baptised Margaret HADFIELD – daughter of John and Ann (GEE married 26 May 1832 Gl) of Hollincross Lane – farmer – born 3 March 1837.


     1. – 9 May 1733 Married William COWPER OF Rainow and Sarah GEE of Glossop – Certificate (Prestbury, Cheshire)

2. – 12 January 1787 Married Edward GEE – weaver – of Glossop and Ann TRUEMAN of Wild Boar Clough (Prestbury, Cheshire).

3. – 21 September 1834 Buried Sarah GEE of Glossop aged 21 days – Chinley Independent Chapel, Derbyshire.

4. – 19 September 1881 Baptised Mary GEE daughter of Joseph and Hannah of Hadfield – born May 1880 – (Hollingsworth Water Lane UMC, Cheshire)

5. – 10 October 1882 Baptised Jesse Higginbottom GEE son of Amos and Sarah Ann of Hadfield aged 6 weeks (Hollingsworth Water Lane UMC, Cheshire)


     1. – 25 September 1865 Joseph GEE (29y) Farmer of Hayfield (son of William GEE) married Elizabeth SWINSCOE (33y) of Thornsett (daughter of Thomas SWINSCOE).

2. – 2 August 1869 Emma GEE (21i) of Thornsett (daughter of Jesse GEE) married David HILL (21y) of Thornsett Bleecher (son of George HILL).

3. – 24 June 1704 Jane GEE of New Mills (Taxal, Cheshire) married John POTT


     1. – 13 December 1614 Elizabeth GEE married Ralph WOOD.

     2. – 15 December 1844 Joseph GEE baptised, son of George and Sarah, Buried 23 December 1846.

3. – 12 August 1849 Isaac GEE baptised, son of Irving and Mary, Buried 26 June 1851.

4. – 1850 Directory for Lyme Handley, township and small village, 7 miles NE from Macclesfield, lists Ervens GEE.

5. – 11 April 1852 Isaac GEE baptised, son of Irving and Mary, Buried 19 December 1852.

6. – 4 December 1854 Sarah GEE baptised, daughter of George and Sarah, Buried 10 March 1855.

7. – 8 August 1857 George GEE baptised, son of Irving and Mary, Buried 20 December 1857.

8. – 26 September 1881 Sarah GEE of Disley (daughter0f George) married William Alfred Jones of Strines.

9. – 10 February 1891 James Ervens GEE (25y) of Disley (son of Ervens) married Annie FODEN (22y) of Disley (daughter of George). Witnesses were George FODEN, Sarah GEE and Hannah GEE.

10. – 29 July 1891 James GEE (39) of Disley (son of George) married Mary Ann HODGKINSON (32y) of Marple. Witnesses were Joseph HOWARD and Elizabeth HOWARD.

11. – 21 January 1897 Charles GEE of Disley (son of Ervens) married Ellen WOOD of High Lane (daughter of John). Witnesses were James WOOD and Sarah WOOD.

12. – 28 June 1900 Mary Elizabeth GEE (26y) of Disley (daughter of Ervens) married James GREEN (29y) of Disley (son of Thomas). Witnesses were James Ervens GEE and Sarah Ann GREEN.


     1. – 4 February 1678 Granville GI and Sara BODON both of Glossoppe. (Marriage)
2. – 27 May 1690 Rafe GIE of the Diddiat and Ann CAVINSON of Bugsworth. (Marriage)
3. – 27 May 1690 Ralph GEE of Lidgate and Ann WARRINGTON. (Marriage)
(These 2 previous entries may be the same ones, but the names are badly misspelled).

4. – 4 February 1691/2 Francis GIE and Sara BODON both of Glossoppe. (Marriage)
5. – 2 January 1750 Joseph GEE and Ann HAGUE. (Marriage)
6. – 31 December 1768 Buried a child of Jonathan GEE.
7. – 5 January 1773 Buried Martha GEE wife of Jonathan.
8. – 18 March 1782 Buried Old John GEE.
9. – 11 April 1782 Buried Nancy GEE daughter of John and Jenny of Moor End.
10. – 24 September 1785 Buried Betty GEE widow of John late of Hollins, Ludworth.
11. – 16 April 1787 Buried Elizabeth GEE a child of Martha of Manchester.
12. – 23 October 1791 Buried Jonathan GEE a child of Isaac and Elizabeth of Arnicroft.
13. – 1 June 1792 Buried Martha GEE daughter of Jonathan of Arnicroft.
14. – 5 January 1794 Buried Benjamin GEE a child of Jesse and Millicent of Thornset.
15. – 17 July 1796 Buried Joseph GEE a boy of Amos and Rebekah of Lane Ends.
16. – 1799 Small Pox Epidemic in Mellor. Mostly children died of it.
17. – 10 November 1814 Buried Benjamin GEE of Hayfield, aged 85 years.
18. – 13 February 1816 Buried George GEE son of Joseph and Sarah of Lee aged 1 month.
19. – 13 October 1820 Buried Sarah GEE of Lee wife of Joseph aged 37 years.
20. – 17 December 1823 Buried Thomas GEE son of Samuel and Martha of Mill Brow aged 5 months.
21. – 27 December 1824 Buried Clarissa GEE of Hollins wife of John aged 53 years.
22. – 1 November 1825 Buried Ann GEE daughter of John and Martha of Kinder aged 1 year 10 months.
23. – 19 April 1826 Buried Clary GEE of Disley, wife of Benjamin aged 52 years.



                         ~A: BIRTHS – BAPTISMS:~

1. – 13 July 1835—- Nancy GEE to Jesse GEE and Elizabeth (Calico Printer) of Hayfield. Baptised 16 August 1835.
2. – 5 July 1837—- Grace GEE to Jesse GEE and Elizabeth (Labourer) of Hayfield. Baptised 13 August 1837.
3. – 9 August 1839—- Elizabeth Love GEE to Jesse GEE and Elizabeth (Labourer) of Hayfield.


1. – 5 June 1773—- Mary GEE of Ashen Clough, Chinley – widow.
2. – 21 September 1834—- Sarah GEE of Glossop – 21 days old.

View of Chinley Independent Chapel. Are there GEES buried in this graveyard?    


And so concludes this statistical chapter recording the marriages, births and deaths, as I have found them.  Since it is very difficult to scroll through numbers, I know that there are transposition errors in some of the entries.   I am also sure that I have missed some data.

I have connected the “dots” so to speak, with about 50 of the very old entries which form the “backbone” of this incomplete history of the Gees of Derbyshire.

In the following pages, I have recorded mainly the main trunk of the tree – not the saplings.  And so doing, there will be many more GEEs who are not mentioned.  Some of these emigrated to Australia, some to Canada and the United States, others served in the British army in India.

The Gees arrived on the shores of America (which was called the plantations) fairly early.  I found an early reference to a John GEE who was an indentured servant.  He was listed as deceased in the Virginia census of 1624.   Where he came from or if he left children was unknown.

1825 John GEE of Glossop was convicted of theft of a tin can, silk handkerchief, 2 pair shoes, pair stockings belonging to Sarah Warhurst, was sentenced to seven years  and  was shipped “beyond the sea”.   After 1772, which meant all went to Australia – America was no longer an option (Not that the convicts had any say in the matter).

1832 James GEE of Whittington was convicted of theft of 11 yards of cotton, 1 apron, 25 handkerchiefs, and 1 shawl belonging to Elizabeth Whitehead.  He too was shipped beyond the sea.  I have found one reference to a “James Gee of Derbyshire who arrived in Australia as a convict and who later became a blacksmith.”  Whether this is the same James is unknown, however, this James started an entire GEE line in Australia, about which a book has been written.  The book is entitled “A Long Way From Silver Creek” by Margaret GEE. 

Unlike the convicts transported to Botany Bay, Australia who were forced to work in a penal colony, convicts to America were sold as servants to planters (private individuals) who looked for particular skills that would suit them for workers on their plantations.  This record tells the tale: “on the 24th September 1656, one servant of the said Captain Mitchell, named John GEE, was sold by Will Johnson (who was an agent for Captain Mitchell) unto the said Tames Langworth…..he was not to put of the servant for any longer time than one year…”   It would appear that this John GEE came across as a convict.


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