St James Church – Taxal – 1811-1904


The church, dedicated to St. James, is modern, with an old tower containing three bells. The church has tombs of the Shallcrosses of Shallcross Hall. The church, with the exception of the tower, was rebuilt in 1826.

1811 – 1904


A. MARRIAGES: (1611 – 1867).

     1. – 1 September 1673—- John GIE married Jane WARRINGTON of Wayley (father was Edmund Warrington).

    2. – 28 April 1700—- Robert GEE of parish of Hope married Jane BENNETT parish Hope.

     3. – 24 June 1704—- Jane GEE of New Mills married John POTT.

     4. – 2 January 1717/8—- Diana GEE married Edward SHIRT – licence.

     5. – 27 May 1734—- Mrs. Jane GEE of Manchester married Mr.—ARDERN (second son of Richard Ardern). Jane was the daughter of John GEE of Manchester.

             (There was a 105 year gap in this register whereby there were no GEES married at this church.)

     6. – 14 November 1842—- William GEE (hatter) of Whaley whose father was Joseph GEE married Sarah Jane FISK of Whaley whose father was Benjamin FISK.

B. BAPTISMS: (1610 – 1904).

     1. – 21 September 1615—- John SHALLCROSSE (I mention him here because he is the brother of Sarah SHALLCROSS who married Ralph GEE).

     2. – 8 April 1617—- Anne SHALLCROSSE (I am mentioning her here also because she is somehow related).

     3. – 1623—- Some baptisms started to happen at the New Chappell of Shallcross.

     4. – 8 May 1632—- Baptised Thomas GEE alias REDFERNE.

     5. – 18 November—- 1638 Baptised Thomas GEE.

     6. – 27 December 1668—- Ann GIE daughter of Thomas and Jane [GEE] of Coumes.

     7. – 15 October 1671—- Baptised Thomas GIEE son of Thomas and Jane [GEE] of Coumes.

     8. – 3 March 1700/01—- Baptised Henry GEE son of Robert of Folds.

     9. – 8 October 1702—- Baptised Ruth GEE son of Robert p of H.

     10. – 14 July 1704—- Baptised Abgall GEE daughter of Robert.

     11. – 17 September 1710—- Baptised Thomas son of Robert p of Hope.

     12. – 18 September 1808—- Baptised George GEE son of Benjamin of Disley.

     13. – 21 August 1842—- Baptised Edward GEE son of John and Ellen of Disley.

     14. – 19 January 1845—- Baptised Elizabeth GEE daughter of John and Ellen of Whaley.

     15. – 21 December 1851—- Baptised Clarissa GEE daughter of John and Ellen of Whaley.

C. BURIALS: (1610 – 1875).

     1. – 16 June 1917————–Anne SHALCROSSE.
     2. – 24 January 1639/40—–Robert GEE.
     3. – 19 July 1713—————Henry GEE son of Robert of folds.
     4. – 30 July 1716————–Daughter of Robert GEE of Folds.
     5. – 3 February 1716/17—–Jane GEE of Folds.
     6. – 23 September 1753——Thomas GEE son of Abagal of Ferny.
     7. – 30 May 1784————–Jane GEE of Chapel – pauper.
     8. – 2 July 1786—————-Reverend John GEE – curate of Taxal.
     9. – 18 May 1789—————Mrs. Ellen GEE of Chapel-en-le-Frith – relict of Revd. J GEE.

FOOTNOTE: on Sunday morning, July 28th 1872, Ashley GEE hung himself at Disley. Taken from the diary of John WARREN, Book 2, page 71.

What happened to suicide victims in medieval England? In medieval times, suicide was a mortal sin in the eyes of the Church of England. Victims of suicide were generally excommunicated by the church and denied burial services on what the church deemed “consecrated” ground which were the church graveyards. Queen Elizabeth I, in 1558, decreed that “people such as kill themselves be buried in fields with a stake driven through their bodies.” As late as 1850 some victims were simply thrown by the roadside and lime thrown over their Bodies.

This is another example of how suicide victims were thought of: From the Parish Registers of Chinley Independent Chapel NOTE 4. “He hanged himself in his Barn at Melcoff and had Xh burial he being of insane mind and brought in by the Coroner’s Inquest as a Lunatic”


St James Taxal is an ancient parish church on the Cheshire / Derbyshire border.   Included in this parish are Yeardsley, Whaley Bridge and Whaley.  Although historically part of Cheshire this hamlet is now part of Derbyshire.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, this church was located too far from Hayfield and Chapel-en-le-Frith for many of the Gees to travel to.

About one mile from Whaley this church stands on a slope overlooking the river Goyt, in the hamlet of Taxal, within the Peak District National Park. There has been a church at Taxal since the 12th century. The first recorded rector was in 1287.

There is a memorial in this church that needs special mention.  There is a slate slab on the floor between the choir stalls, and inscribed here are 18 names with the date of death of the Jodrell family of Jodrell Bank who are buried in the chancel, dating from 1375-1756.  Included is Roger Jauderell, who fought and died at the battle of Agincourt in 1415.

  • Taken from an old will, “In his will, dated 15 May 1547, Nicholas [Jodrell] names his wife, Margaret, and “son and heire apparaunt”, Roger, and younger sons, Otywell and John.  Alice Berd and “her suster”, Ann(e), are mentioned.  The will was proved 18 May 1528.   Source:  A Collection of Lancashire and Cheshire Wills Not Now to be found in any Probate Registry, 1301 – 1752, edited by William Fergusson Irvine, printed for The Record Society, 1896.”  This Nicholas Jodrell, who was either a son or grandson of the above mentioned Roger, married as his second wife, Amy/Agnes Shallcross circa 1500.  His first wife was Margaret Worthington mentioned in his will.  This Jodrell family are the Jodrells of Yeardsley. 

Amy/Agnes Shallcross was a relation of John Shallcross and his sister Sarah, our 8x great grandmother.

The above mentioned Nicholas Jodrell is the father-in-law of our 11th great-grandfather. HMMMM – Going too far back?

  1. The first known connection of this family to the Shallcross was Eleanor JODRELL, daughter of Nicholas Jodrell and Amy Shallcross, who married Anthony Shallcross Circa 1527 in Yeardsley, Cheshire.

      2.   Bridgett JODRELL (1540-1607) married Leonard Shallcross (XIII) (1520-1605) in 1558.  Bridgett’s parents were Roger JODRELL and Ellen KNOTSFORD.  (Roger’s father was Nicholas and Amy).

      3.   Mary JODRELL (1572-1652) who was the daughter of Bridgett’s brother Edmund JODRELL married her first cousin Richard Shallcross Esquire in 1607. Richard was the grandson to Leonard Shallcross and was his heir also.

There were at least three generations of first cousins marrying first cousins between the Jodrells and the Shallcrosses and all of these above mentioned Jodrells are Great-grandparents to the ASHES Gees, through the marriage of Sarah Shallcross and Ralph GEE.

The following two Wolley Charters documents explain why these two families intermarried for at least 3 generations.  To keep the property within the hands of the family.

Wolley Charters document number xii.80 dated 15 September 1543: whereby William Bradshawe of Marple gives a grant to Anthony Shalcrues of Shallcross and Thomas Savage of his messuage called Bradshaw Torncroft and all hereditaments.  Roger Jodrell is a witness.

 Wolley Charters document number xvii.76 dated 10th April 1570:  whereby Godfrey Bradshawe gives a grant of a capital messuage with lands now in the tenure of Leonard Shallcross in Chapel-en-le-Frith to 9 “Gentlemen” of whom three were:  Leonard Shallcross and Edmund Jawdrell (Jodrell) and John Savage.  (Leonard was Anthony’s son).


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