St Thomas A Beckett Church – Chapel-en-le-Frith 1621-1907

1621 – 1907


A: MARRIAGES: (1621 – 1837)

     1.. 7 July 1646—- Francis GEE of Lydgate married Dorothy TUNSTID of Stodhart.

     2.. 28 February 1646/7—- Ralph GEE of Lydgate married Anne HURDSFIELD of Glossop.

     3.. 14 September 1661—- Anne GEE – Hayfield married John LOWE – Cockyard. Thomas GEE (father)

     4.. 24 May 1666—- Thomas GEE of Lydgate married Joan KIRKE of Martinside.

     5.. 15 August 1666—- Thomas GEE of this parish married Jane BREARLEY of this parish.

     6.. 7 July 1674—- Francis GEE of this parish married Elizabeth MARCHINGTON.

     7.. 2 February 1680/1—- Elizabeth GEE [MARCHINGTON] married Edward Jaxson of Ashford, Bakewell.

     8.. 14 October 1709—- Ann GEE married Ralph KYRKE. (Both of this Town).

     9.. There is a 50 year gap in these registers whereby there are no marriage records, at least none that show any marriages for the GEES.

     10.. 13 October 1761—- John GEE (Clerk) married Ellen W RATCLIFFE of Parish Prestbury. This is the John GEE who became a minister and was the Curate of St James Church in Taxal from 1757 until his death in 1786. This John GEE was of the LYDGATE GEE line.

     11.. 23 April 1804—- Henry GEE (Weaver) married Peggy HULME.

     12.. 12 July 1812—- John GEE (Cordwainer) married Mary HILL.

     13.. 26 November 1812—- Henry W GEE married Mary ROWBOTHAM.

B. BAPTISMS – BIRTHS: (1621 – 1878) selected entries:

     1. 30 March 1710 Baptised Ann daughter of Ralph and Ann KYRKE of this town.

C. BURIALS (1622 – 1907) selected entries:

     1. 27 February 1892 James GEE aged 57 years.

Burial Map of 1709 shows the GEES of Chinley and the GEES of Lydgate.

The first chapel in the town (now the Church of St. Thomas Beckett) was originally built by the Normans but was replaced with a larger building a hundred years later, and is now almost entirely of 18th-century construction. It stands at the highest point in the town. The Eccles Pike cross lies in the churchyard, moved here from the Ollerenshaw Farm in 1925. It is believed to be Anglo-Saxon and is covered in very worn carvings.

This is the back side of St Thomas A Beckett Church in Chapel-en-le-Frith depicting some old gravestones. Are some of these gravesites the GEES of Lydgate?


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