CHAPTER 4 – The Shallcross Family

High Peak News November 17, 1917

Concerning the sale of our old neighbor’s (William Carrington) farm at Barberbooth. The Crowden share used to be called 119 acres and the Bank had 50 acres. The whole farm was 219 acres. Nicholas Tym bought the Bank and Kesziak Londen who married Frank Proctor bought the house and fields for 1,600 pounds.

I am also sending a part of the High Peak News from October 20, 1917 which contains a piece about Sir Edward Cotton-Jodrell, late M P for Wirral division of Cheshire, and the owner of Newton, Furness Vale, Whaley, part of Fernilee and Taxal. The article shows the Gees including us too are descended from the family of Shallcross, of Shallcross Hall of Fernilee. The mother of Ralph GEE (Ralph Gee bought the homestead at the ASHES and their fields around the house in 1641 – date of deed) was a Miss Shallcross (before she was married). Mrs. GEE (nee Shallcross) died when her son Ralph was a child and her money accumulated until Ralph was 21 years which enabled him to buy the ASHES.

Before coming to the ASHES the GEES lived at Lydgate between Chapel-en-le-Frith and Eccles Pike (this is on Lydgate Farm)….I marked this paragraph at the bottom of page 2. You will see Shallcross are descended from William Peveril and Peveril Castle. The village deserves its name from an ancient stronghold perched high above it on a narrow spur between the entrance to the Peak Cavern and Cave Dale.

William Peveril, natural son of the conqueror, received from his father, a grant of land hereabouts and was, as William Scott tells us, the builder of this structure. The words between the two crosses are copied out of a book called “The Peak”, a tourist book I have by M.J.B. Braddeley. I ought to have said the Shallcrosses not the Gees on line 5 from William Peveril; William Peveril descended from William the Conqueror, King of England.

So we are descended from King William 1st of England – speckled face sheep descended from King William 1st of England. We are also descended from Jacob, Abraham, Noah, Methuselah, Enoch, Seth, and Adam – see New Testament Luke 3 last verse which tells us that Adam was the son of God.

Yours Truly;
Edwin A. Gee [brother to Elizabeth Frances GEE Andrew].

Copied by Shauna (nee Brown) Robertson from the original old fragile letter in Kenora, Ontario, Canada on May 22nd, 1982 when Shauna was 13 years old. Then typed by Coral (nee Boyd) Brown June 3rd, 2010


Today, Shallcross is a small village in northwestern Derbyshire. It is located 15 miles south of Manchester near the edge of the High Peak One Hundred district. It is located between Fernilee and Whaley Bridge. It should be noted that Shallcross is near the junction of four ancient roads, which in ancient times, Christians sometimes sanctified by erecting crosses.

Some say the name originated from the Norse name Shakal, meaning a tapered pole or shaft. Sometime between 627 and 685 A. D., a cross was erected by its Norse progenitors of which only the shaft remains. Henceforth the ancient name “Shakalcross”. The name then changed over the centuries, from the earliest records “Svain de Scakelcros I” who was the immediate founder of this ancient family, dating back to 1197 A.D. History of the Shallcross’ states that they were originally “Foresters” before becoming “Knights. Gentlemen, Yeomen” and then inter-marrying into royalty.

Svain de Scakelcross I lived in a wild and untamed part of northwestern England in the Parish of Chapel en le Frith, within the vill of Scakelcross, on the banks of the Goyt river. He and probably his brothers, who were also Foresters, probably shared the original building – the old medieval Hall.

The name then underwent some interesting variations through-out the ensuing centuries. They were Sakelcros, Shacrosee, Scakelcros, Schalkros, Schallcrosse, Schalcress, Shalcrosse, Shawcrosse, and so on until the name settled comfortably with SHALLCROSS.

The Shallcross’ were, from the earliest noted time frame, land owners in the Peak Forest District. Each generation acquired more land. Some of them were Foresters – John de Schalcrosse VI being noted as one – thus acquiring land in this fashion also. Inter marriage with other families to acquire land was another method for land acqisition.

Anthony Shalcross XII circa 1500 is probably the one who made the research for coal on the estate, making these colliers among the oldest colliers in North Derbyshire. He was also the one who was the last to die in the old original medieval Shallcross Manor or Hall. It was his son, Leonard, who probably built the second of the three Halls. The third and final hall was damaged by fire and torn down in 1968.

1545: – From the Will of Henry GEE, reforming mayor of Chester his daughter Elizabeth GEE was married to Richard SHALCROSSE, son of James SHALCROSSE. Richard died in 1554, Elizabeth dying before him.

1600: – it was perhaps right around this time that our grandmother whose name was probably Sarah, married Ralph GEE. She was the sister to John SHALLCROSS XV, High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1638.

1611: – In the visitation of 1611, there were six generations of this family listed.

1634: – In the Visitation of 1634, John Shallcross XV was very elusive. The King’s representative had to make several trips back to the Peak in order to take information from John. Sarah, his sister, and Ralph’s mother, is not mentioned in this visitation. Perhaps she had died by now, or was residing someplace else.

It is no wonder that he was being evasive, as the whole purpose of the Visitation was to levy tax against the major landowners for the King’s purse.

John XV did become HIGH SHERIFF of Derbyshire in 1638. He seems to have been a bit of a crook because I have found several Wolley Charters documents demanding money or otherwise threatening him with punishment. I have also found other historical data suggesting that John XV had many problems. None of those documents are included here.

The High Sheriff is the oldest secular office under the Crown. Formerly the High Sheriff was the principal law enforcement officer in the county but over the centuries most of the responsibilities associated with the post have been transferred elsewhere or are now defunct, so that its functions are now largely ceremonial. The High Sheriff changes every March.

“A Sherriff is a royal official in charge of a shire. The Sherriff was responsible for financial and judicial administration as well as overseeing royal castles and estates within the shire.”

1638: – John SHALLCROSS XV, High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1638. His grandson following, and last male heir, was a High Sheriff.

1733: – John SHALLCROSS XVII, who was also high Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1686 and 1710, died and this line became extinct.


Shalcross, of Shalcross. — Six generations of this family are described in the Visitation of 1611. John Shalcross, Esq., the last male heir, who was sheriff of the county in 1686, died in 1733: two of his daughters and coheirs married Fitzherbert, of Somersall, and Jacson. The Fitzherbert family is extinct. The late Reverend Simon Jacson, of Tarporley in Cheshire, married his cousin, sister and heir of the last Mr. Fitzherbert; and his son, the Reverend Roger Jacson, of Great-Bebington in Cheshire, is the present representative of both families. 

Arms: — Gules, a saltier between four annulets, Or. 

Crest: — A martlet, Or, holding in his bill a cross patée fitchée, Gules.


                 ~From the book “Owners of Shallcross Manor” by Rev. W. H. Shawcross~ 

Page 94:  

ii.  Agnes or Amy, Married Nicholas JODERLL, of Yeardsley, ++. Who died 1528.  She had three sons and three daughters, who continued the line of her husband’s ancient family, and hence derived the wives of Leonard [Shallcross] (XIII) and of Richard [Shallcross] XIV.  From this marriage descended Edmund JODRELL, a cavalier, and other distinguished soldiers; and, through the Leighs  of Jodrell Hall and High Leigh, who are lineal descendants, the second Lord Dunfermline, K.C.B., born 1803; and hence also lineally derives the present Col. E.T.D. COTTTON-JODRELL, the owner of Shallcross  Hall, and also of Yeardsley Hall, who is twelfth in descent from Agnes Shalcrosse. 

++  We here follow the old pedigrees.


2 responses to “CHAPTER 4 – The Shallcross Family

  • Ruth Beck

    I have documented my Gee line back to Peter Gee who was born in 1769, Peter had siblings Mally, Cornelius and from my friends/researchers in in the area believe Peter’s father was Joseph, son of John Gee. All born in Werneth, ( Compstall) Bredbury, Woodley and Romily. The earliest Gee’s lived at Apethorn where they worked at coal mines. My great, great grandfather was Henry Gee who married Esther Linney, His father Thomas married Ann Booth, also of Romiley. Other names are Bardsley, Shepley, Booth. Henry Gee owned a mill. I think my great grandfather was the black sheep of the family. His brother, Samuel Gee of Lancaster, was Henry’s executors. Henry owned cottages at Greave Fold and Samuel sold them. There was money in this family.
    The names I am interested in are Dicon, Reginalde, Thomas, Edward or Edwin and the area of Manchester to Stockport. I have heard Henry Vlll gave the monastery, next to Manchester Cathedral, to Henry , Reforming Mayor. I also have a Carrington in my group and a Duckinfield. My best guest is that I may br from the Chester line of Gee’s.

  • Dianne Gibson

    My research shows the following which largely concurs with yours:

    Anthony Shalcrosse X1 married Merry Bagshawe
    Anthony Shalcrosse X11 married Eleanor Jodrell
    Leonard Shalcrosse X111 married Margaret Davenport
    Shellcross Esquire X1V married Mary Jodrell
    Sarah Shallcross married Ralph of Lydgate Gee
    Ralph of the Ashes Gee married Ann Hurdsfield
    Francis Gee married Margaret Booth
    Ralph Gee married Sarah Fox
    Thomas Gee married Betty Bennett
    John Gee married Mary Carrington
    Thomas Gee married Mary ?
    Elizabeth Gee married Samuel Machin
    Mary Machin married William Spode
    Minnie Spode married Albert Lockett
    Edit Lockett married George Randle Gibson
    Sydney Gibson married Phylis Manley
    Brian Malcom Gibson married Dianne Bewick (me).

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