The Royal Link

                        ~THE ROYAL LINK~

Edward or Edmund Charlton (Cherlton), 4th Lord Powis, was fourth in descent from Joan, 2nd daughter (3rd child) of Edward I (who was known as Edward Longshanks as he was tall – 6 feet 2 inches – hence his epithet).

Edward Charlton’s daughter, Joyce Charlton, who was 16th in descent from Rodri Mawr, King of Wales (who was 5th in descent from Cadwakdar, last King of the Britons), married Sir William Stanley of Holt. Sir William Stanley was 5th in descent from Elizabeth, 15th (child) but youngest daughter of Edward I. Elizabeth had 10 children.

One of Sir William Stanley’s daughters, Jane Stanley, married Sir John Warburton.

Sir John Warburton’s daughter, Blanche, married Sir William Davenport.

Finally, his daughter Margaret (Margery) Davenport married Leonard Shalcrosse XIII who was Sarah’s great grandfather. (see attached pedigree chart # 2.)

This is the legitimate link. There is however, another link, albeit illegitimate.

So far there is no documentation to support the illegitimate link. Circa 1450 a Royal prince is said to have sired many children with a Davenport lady who lived in the Peak District. The Davenports then intermarried with many names: Ardene, Bagshawe, Legh, Shallcross, etc.

There were other relatives of Leonard Shalcrosse XIII who also married Royal daughters.

Aunt Hetty’s opening statement “…..Ralph Gee, the first of the GEES who came to the Ashes, married Sarah Shallcross……” is not quite correct. It was Ralph’s mother who was “Miss Shallcross”. She died young and left her estate to our grandfather 7 x removed, Ralph, who then purchased the ASHES.

Unfortunately, Aunt Hetty’s source is verbal.

I have numbered the Shallcrosses in order to keep them in correct order. I have them dating back to circa 1197, but not listed anywhere on my Tree. Note the different spellings.

See Pedigree Chart # 1 and # 2.

Royal Descent: can be traced to Leonard Shallcross of Shallcross who married Margaret Davenport in 1556 her family aligning to Edward Prince of Wales, the Black Prince, and the Kings of England before.

Source: The World Book of Shawcross’s, published 1993 by Halbert’s Family Heritage, page 6.1. Source: Shallcross Pedigrees, published 1908, edited by Reverend W. H. Shawcross, page xii.

                ~ROYAL DESCENT~

Alfred the Great was father of Edward the Elder, King of England, father of Edmund the Elder, father of Ethelred, father of Edmund Ironside, father of Edward the Exile, father of Margaret, Queen of Malcolm III of Scotland, mother of Matilda, Queen of Henry I.

William I, The Conqueror, King of England, crowned 1066; died 1087 = Matilda, daughter of Baldwin, Count of Flanders, 9th in descent from Charlemagne.

Henry I King of England, died 1135 = Matilda, daughter of Malcolm III, King of Scotland, by Margaret, heir of the Royal Saxon line of England.
Henry V, Emperor of Germany, died 1126 = Matilda = Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou.
Henry II, King of England, died 1189 = Eleanor, daughter of William, Duke of Aquitaine.
John, King of England, died 1216 = Isabel, daughter of Aymer, Count of Angouleme.
Henry III, King of England, died 1272 = Eleanor, daughter of Raymond, Count of Provence.
Edward I, King of England, died 1307 = Margaret, daughter of Philip III, King of France, son of St. Louis.
Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent = Margaret, daughter John Lord of Wake.
Edward, Prince of Wales, the Black Prince, died 1376 = Joan the Fair Maid of Kent – Thomas, Lord Holland, Earl of Kent, K. G.
Thomas Holland 2nd Earl of Kent, Marshall of England died 1397 = Alice Fitzalan, daughter of Richard, Earl of Arundel, by Eleanor, granddaughter of Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster.
Lady Eleanor Holland = Edward Cherlton 4th Lord Powis, died 1420, 4th in descent from Joan, 2nd daughter of Edward I.
Joyce Cherlton, 16th in descent from Rhodri Mawr, King of all of Wales who was 5th in descent from Cadwaldar, last King of the Britons = Sir William Stanley of Holt, K. G., 5th in descent from Elizabeth, daughter of Edward I.
Jane Stanley = Sir John Warburton of Arley, Co. of Chester who fought at Bosworth, died 1524.
Blanche Warburton = Sir William Davenport of Bramhall, Co. of Chester, Sheriff of Chester, died 1541.
Margaret Davenport = Leonard Shallcross of SHALLCROSS, in 1556.



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